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Do you experience discomfort in your ankle, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders or neck? Whether you are a corporate athlete, stay at home mom or individual looking to start your health journey, you are more than likely a great fit for  our corrective exercise program.  Your daily movements may be causing muscular imbalances, postural issues, and movement patterns that cause dysfunction in which often leads to discomfort or injury.  Our team at Fitness Studio 108 will assess and re-assess  your movement and then choose your exercises accordingly that truly are a best fit to get your body to move optimally.  We empower you to learn more about your body  through our strategic corrective exercise programming. Most importantly you’ll feel like you’ve maximized your movement to reach new levels of fitness than ever before.

“If you move well, you’ll feel well.  You’ll be able to truly move and train at optimal levels.  Whether is to burn more fat, get stronger, more mobile or flexible, corrective exercise is a key foundation to any BODY.   We need more people focusing on moving well because the result will be an amazing transformation of the body- internally and externally. ” Annie Malaythong

There is no “quick fix” to fat loss. Fat loss results from a strategic combination of Cardio, core, body alignment, resistance and proper nutrition. It benefits your health in a number of important ways, not only making you look great but lowering your risk for dangerous conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

The Fitness Studio 108 team of fitness experts will create a fat loss program to help you lose fat, build muscle and make the changes last long-term. We repeat, it’s not a quick fix—it’s a whole new lifestyle you’re creating! If you are an action taker, willing to get rid of excuses and ready to make a serious commitment to yourself to shed fat and transform your life, this is for you.

Strength training is an essential part of any overall health and fitness program. Building muscle benefits your heart, helps strengthen your bones and causes your body to burn more calories while resting. It’s important to your general wellness, keeping your muscles sharp and your reflexes quick. If you’re working to maximize your performance in sport, strength training is NOT the only component you should be focused on.

Are you currently cycling your training for in and off-season?  Have you scheduled time for recovery, stabilization, endurance, maximal strength or corrective exercises to minimize injury? How often are you working mobility and movement and are you doing this at the proper time ? In season and off season, two different beasts to tackle.  If we completely lost you, we understand but would love to empower you.

The Fitness Studio 108 trainers are committed to work on a scientific evidence-based program to get you peaking in season and strategically recovering and growing off season.  Each plan is custom and appropriate for you and your fitness performance goals.  If you are a committed athlete ready to commit to a process of becoming the next level of yourself this is for you.