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3 Reasons why THAT “New Year, New You” Challenge won’t work for you.

Are there several “New Year, New You” Challenges filling up your social media feed like mine? If so, they are doing their jobs by reminding you to think about your fitness and health this year. Totally awesome if it does. Yes, it’s a New Year and yes, it’s your chance to wipe your slate clean and stomp through 2017 owning it. #slay. Yes, Yes and Yes!!!!!! And power to you for setting that goal!….If you have already started to take action. Wait, did you take action?

Reality Check: It’s January 2. Two days into the New Year (2017). You’re feeling hungover from that AMAZING New Year’s Eve Event, a little sluggish, conveniently lazy because it’s a rainy, dark New Year Observed non work day here in Georgia and you’re just enjoying that “last day” of peace. So you’ll start tomorrow correct? Or wait, it’s a Tuesday, so let’s start next week. Or how about when the kids go back to school? Well, it’ll be almost two weeks in so let’s just start February. The list will go on and on.
Here are the 3 Main reasons why another New Year, New You challenge won’t be the answer:

1. You didn’t set an objective goal to match your subjective goal.

What exactly does “New You” mean? How do you measure New You? Is this through blood work? If you set an objective goal to support your subjective goal, you will more than likely reach your goal. For example: “I will be in a size 4 by March 1, 2017 because I feel disgusting in my current size.” Take action on a daily basis and create the habits for long term and not just this year.

2. You are focused on ELIMINATING things out of your life. “Cold Turkey and beyond.”

Decreasing and being mindful of your “extra” sugar, salt, fats etc is all great and are all great signs of great intentions. But going Cold Turkey and eliminating sugar, salt, fats, carbs etc is setting you up for failure. Don’t get my wrong, this works for short term success and then what? Oh heaven forbid you eat another cookie, go to a party and enjoy yourself ever in your lifetime. Think realistically. Yes, you can eat a cookie and be healthy too. Your focus should be ADDING positive habits on a daily basis that can help change your way of thinking and behavior about “health” and “fitness” for long term. Positive reinforcement will more than likely result in never having to fad-diet or feel the way you feel again. STOP THE CYCLE! Have you heard of the 90/10 rule? Ninety percent of the do what you are suppose to do with training and nutrition and 10 percent of the time- party it up so you don’t have to wait for “New Year, New You.” Try replacing: “I want to stop eating sugar to I will add two servings of fresh fruit a day and record it for the next 30 days.” Be realistic and add to your diet.

3. Your choice of words.
Behavior change and long term healthy living have everything to do with your choice of words. I will vs I want. I need vs I want. Words and statements such as I will and I need are in present tense. These are ACTION oriented. Taking action also takes training on a daily basis as does re-training your body. Start listening to your friends, family, spouse, colleagues and observe how much intention they have in their sentences. If you truly are ready to make 2017 the best yet, own the 3 tips mentioned.

Cheers to you and taking action in 2017!

author: Annie Malaythong


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