Hybrid Athletic Performance

Hybrid Athletic Performance

650 kcal burned


Level: Very hard
Limit of participants


Whether you are a current athlete, former athlete or athlete in training you are in need of more than just strength and speed.  At Fitness Studio 108 our team of specialist take a very scientific and well rounded training approach with our community and our athletes.  If we can lay a foundation of mobility, flexibility, corrective exercise, preventive injury programming, speed, agility, quickness, strength endurance and power now your athletic performance will be unstoppable.

Your daily movement patterns or if you’ve been playing sports since you were four, may be causing muscular imbalances, postural issues, and movement patterns that cause dysfunction in which often leads to discomfort or injury.  Our team at Fitness Studio 108 will assess and re-assess  your movement and then choose your exercises accordingly that truly are a best fit to get your body to move optimally.  We empower you to learn more about your body  through our strategic hybrid athletic performance programming. Most importantly you’ll feel like you’ve maximized your movement to reach new levels of sports than ever before.