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Conquer in Chaos: Exercise at home

Conquer in Chaos: Exercise at home


While all of us are adapting to staying at home for more than we may like at this time, this can be very advantageous for one to get into the best shape of their lives. We’ve developed key tips for you to conquer this goal of exercising at home.

The exercise guidelines say you should aim for 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic exercise (such as walking) or 90 minutes of vigorous exercise (such as resistance training combined with aerobic exercise). This calls for two or three exercise sessions a week. So, what should you do? And where do you start?

  1. Start moving. Do anything to move and get your heart rate up. Start at 10-15 minutes a day until you can work up to 30-60 minutes of constant exercise. Doesn’t matter if you go slow in the beginning but it does matter if you go too fast. Going too fast if you are not experienced or use to it may start you in an injury cycle and prevent you from progressing long term.
  2. Work on a routine. Same day, same time with an exercise and nutrition plan. Having a routine, especially right now, will help mentally and physically. Routines can get you out of a rut and benefits your performance in all aspects. Having a detailed work out plan will keep you motivated as you can keep track of your health and fitness progress. Keep a journal and simply start. Try not to make it rocket science and seek a true professional for help.
  3. Mix up your workouts with resistance training, aerobic, anerobic, core, balance, mobility, flexibility and meditation. To add to the chaos, we understand that this can get very confusing and strength training can seem complicated with all of these contraptions, methods and weights. Simplify this process by picking one method and embracing the process for at least 12 weeks.
  4. Be your own DJ. Consider working on a playlist of all of your best jams. Jams that make you dance, cry, laugh and all of the above. Music that makes you connect emotionally can intensify your workouts, which can lead to better mind body connection. So turn that music up and go for it!

Remember, think of this time as conquering in chaos the fitness edition. Wishing you a safe and healthy journey. And if you need help, we are here for you.

author: Annie Malaythong