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CYBER MONDAY 10 day Fitness and Nutrition RE-SET!


Feeling a little stuffed from the Holidays and worried about how you’ll survive the next few parties? Or just feeling tired of being tired and need a quick re-set? No worries!

We are excited to to share with you our 10 day Holiday Re-set program. Yep, just what you asked for.

Our 10 day fitness nutrition program is a combination of two elements:

  1. Quick straight to the point 10 minute workouts that burn the maximum number of calories and will get you energized for more.
  2. Nutritional guidance and 10 day meal by meal recommendations.

This program is great for members who are remote and not able to train with us at our home base.  Developed by our founder of Fitness Studio 108- Annie Malaythong- who has worked with thousands in the past 16 years educating and developing fitness and nutrition programs to fit their individual needs

Check out what Janine W from Germany had to say:

“The 10 day mind, body and soul challenge changed my life and the way I feel about my body. I used to feel about my figure and always thought ‘it’s too fat here, it’s too flat there’ and I wanted to look like the Victoria’s Secret Models 😀 Now I’m happy with my body and so proud of all the muscles I gained and I like the way it looks. And of course I feel healthy and trained. Another awesome side effect is that my 10 day challenge affected the people around me. My friends and family asked me why I was doing it because to them it seemed unnecessary since I am not overweight. But when I told them that I wanted to change my life to the better and that I wanted to be more active and healthier, they were impressed. So I got lots of compliments and I got my boyfriend off the couch – we are now jogging together twice a week for 5 km (about 3 miles). Thank you, Annie! You changed my life for the better just by offering this online program and by being such a great motivation.”

As Janine mentioned, the 10 days changed her life.  Why 10 days? Simply put, 7 – 10 days is the “Goldilocks number”: It’s not so brief a span for it not to work, but it’s also not long enough for your body to get use to.

The question is are you ready to commit to the next 10 days and see what your body is capable of? Buy now today for only $19.99 !

Some scientists have argued that 3 days is just enough to see results- in fact, one study published in the June 10, 2006, issue of BMJ, a British medical journal, suggested that some kinds of diseases might succumb to a mere three-day course of drugs. Similarly in this case, we are using exercise and nutrition as our drug of choice.

You see, eating nutritious foods can be very powerful for your current Gastrointestinal tract at the moment. When we introduce certain types of foods, the body will do it’s magic and rid your GI tract of unwanted toxins- thus having an increase of energy, decrease in bloating and water weight and resulting in a better mood.  Because you do know that 70% of your mood is what’s happening in your gut correct?

A scientific research review conducted in 2006 on behalf of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that the ideal prescription length varies from illness to illness. A 10-day prescription might be appropriate for strep throat, but a simple infection can be conquered in a briefer period, assuming the doctor prescribes the correct antibiotic. Assuming that we substitute your current holiday diet and your current state with our 10 days nutrient rich foods and fitness plan we are able to determine that 10 days may be appropriate for our general population of holiday eaters body. Through 16 years of experience, those who followed our plans exactly have started to experience positive results within 72 hours.  Some have seen a decrease in blood pressure medication as early as two weeks with approval from their doctor.

Decrease your numbers today for only $19.99

Follow the rules – fitness and nutrition plans- no skipping meals, no cutting corners, and you’ll be ready in no time and feel confident in your holiday outfits.  The best things about this program is that is can be used time and time again without messing up your metabolism! Just remember, it is a quick go-to for survival of the holidays! Be on the lookout for our e-book coming out soon for our annual plans or visit us at our home base in Johns Creek, GA and find out how we can help you long term with restoring movement and your nutrition health.

Can’t wait to hear your testimony!

*Please advise your doctor before starting any fitness or nutrition program.  Results may vary.*




author: Annie Malaythong


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