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Your New Body Begins in the Kitchen

While a personalized exercise routine will strengthen and tone your body, it’s impossible to achieve the total transformation you’re looking for without putting in some work outside the gym as well. Your new body begins in the kitchen, because without a nutritional and balanced diet, all your hard physical work goes out the window the moment you sit down for a meal. The fitness team at Studio 108 makes diet an important part of your overall wellness regimen. We’ll coach you on how to transform the way you view food and how to make it a healthy, enjoyable part of your life.

Food is fuel, plain and simple. What we put into our body should give us the strength and energy we need to power through our day. Everything else is just filler. Sure, that double cheeseburger with French fries feels good to your taste buds, but meanwhile your body is screaming for lean protein, fruits, vegetables and grains to act as the fuel it needs. We’ll help you understand each food group as it directly relates to your physical performance, and how to tailor your diet to get the results you’re after in the most efficient way possible.

At Studio 108, we hate the word “diet.” A diet conveys something temporary, a quick fix associated with loaded promises of a better body or life. We want to help you see food not as a diet, but as a choice you make every day to do what’s best for your body. It’s not a temporary thing; it’s a completely new outlook on how and what you eat that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Does a proper and balanced diet mean you can’t enjoy treats every now and then? Of course not! Variety is the spice of life, and treats—in moderation—are a healthy part of that. But our coaching also comes with a new way of seeing treats—not as a reward for good behavior or a means of making yourself feel good after a long, hard day. A sweet treat or indulgent meal is something you consciously choose after weighing why you want it and what it will mean for your body and mind.

Our expert coaches will help you craft a wonderful, positive new relationship with food, making it a key part of your fitness transformation with Studio 108.

author: Annie Malaythong


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