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Holiday Commit to Fit Series

Join us for our Holiday Series!

Each week and each month, the level of intensity and movements will get harder and more complex. The exercises you learn will build overtime. Think of it like learning the ABC’s one week and then learning how to put the words together literally the next week and at week 12 you’ll be reading novels. It’s a crash course of building a foundation of fitness in only 12 weeks!

Class times already with class participants registered:

Monday and Thursday – 6:30pm-7:15pm

Saturdays 10am-10:45am

Requests for Tuesday Friday mornings – please email.

October 4 week series- Cardio and mobility based techniques (step aerobics, walk/jog intervals, jump rope, speed ladders, boxing and more all mixed to build your endurance up.)

November– 4 week series- Core- buttz n gutz galore! Movements focused on building core strength overall, each week will intensify in movements and time and integrate cardio.

December- Full integration Strength and Power training- 4 week series of each class will be a unique experience of being led and timed through Mobility, Flexibility, Cardio, Core, Balance, Plyo, Speed, and total body resistance (certain days will focus on upper body, Core and Lower body.) This will NOT be like any other classes you’ve taken.

New member pricing- $119 per month 

Member pricing- $79 per month 

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What You Can Expect

  • Lose more fat and inches faster than anything else you can do. Period.
  • Start to build foundations for a healthy fitness routine to keep you pain free.
  • Get fit, toned, conditioned and feel amazing so you look great and feel great! 
  • Get FAST body transforming results – with this level of accountability, combined with our proven  program, the results come quickly.
  • Discover simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (without dieting).
  • Dramatically decrease stress. Stress kills your enthusiasm, your energy and harms your immune system.
  • Have 3–4 times more energy (literally 300% to 400% increase in energy). Imagine how that would make you feel and perform!
  • Fire up your metabolism and burn fat 24 hours a day.
  • More confidence– nothing makes you feel better about YOU than being fit, toned and looking terrific!

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author: Annie Malaythong