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Is this BAD HABIT affecting your results?

There are quite a few bad habits that I’m sure I could pick out that could be affecting your results, but there is certainly ONE I guarantee that everyone can relate to and absolutely control.  We often get wound up with life and the people around us get caught in our web of crazy with us.  It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to everyone around you.  Bad habits start to become acceptable until the one day you are called out.  You may not like it, but you know it’s true.  And this one particular habit is something that is truly affecting your results.  Fitness in particular, this bad habit of yours is the number 1 reason you are not seeing the results you’ve expected.  You may be thinking:  1.  It’s definitely my diet, I eat too much.  2.  Not enough cardio.  3.  Too much alcohol 4.  I don’t have the right program.  Although these may all attribute to not seeing those results, the number 1 BAD HABIT is ….



Whether you have a personal trainer or not, we all are held accountable to getting our workout in for the day.  Either you haven’t made the time, you do not prioritize your time for workout or you do not see it as an “important” as everything else.  Truth is, I’m that friend that is totally calling BS on you and telling you through this blog, you need to get it together! Showing up to your workout means, MAKE the time, actually DO it.  Executing on a 5, 10 or 60 min workout daily means SHOW UP.  When you make an appointment with your trainer, SHOW UP.   Nothing is affecting your results more than physically not putting the work in and actually staying consistent. Need help with your accountability click here

I want to leave you with 6 questions/ thoughts that may have you think twice about making the time to start showing up to your workouts.

  1. If you are not healthy, how does it affect everyone else around you?
  2. When you workout, how is your mind and energy for the rest of the day?
  3. If you are sick, will you be able to travel on that next vacation ?
  4. How many people actually put YOUR health first?
  5. If you continue the pattern you are on now, is your health improving?
  6. Can you guarantee you will be LIVING tomorrow, let alone the next hour?

Truth is, we actually care if you are healthy.  I actually care if you put yourself first.  Because if you keep putting off your workouts, your nutrition, your overall health in general- one day leads into a week, a week leads into months, months leads into years, are you truly “living?”  We can not guarantee what the future holds for us physically, emotionally or spiritually.  But WE- me and YOU- can guarantee what we CAN do for ourselves with the time we have here.   And that is to do everything we can to- SHOW UP TO WORKOUTS – to guarantee YOU and I have done everything we could to keep our health first.  Showing up to your workouts means you took one step closer to eating a more nutritous/healthier meal for the day.  Showing up to your workout means your mind and body are de-stressed and ready to conquer the day.  Showing up to your workout means you’ve prioritized yourself so you can be better for your kids and your family and friends around you.  Showing up to your workouts means you showed up to LIVE your LIFE to the fullest that day.  If you or a friend needed this reality check:  click here

Robin Sharma says “One of the saddest things in life is to get to the end and look back and regret, knowing that you could’ve been, done, and had so much more”

Keep your health first my friends! “Take care of you, to take care of them”  – Annie Malaythong




author: Annie Malaythong


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