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It only takes 5-10 minutes a day

At Fitness Studio 108, myo-fascial release is an integral part of all of our training programs. Muscle tightness restricts your range of motion and compromises neuromuscular efficiency leading to poor movement patterns that can induce premature muscle fatigue, cause injury, discomfort or keep you in an inflammatory response not allowing you to lose those unwanted pounds.

You can do this at home with simply spending 5-10 minutes releasing those tight muscles and mind by doing a simple pin and release technique. Get on a foam roller, grab your percussion unit or tennis ball- find a tight area, let your body relax into in and hold it there for 30seconds.

If you need a little extra help, to improve flexibility, muscular balance and performance, we ALSO offer hands on manual therapy with our licensed therapist and exercise physiologist Zen Parker.

Massaging differs in many ways, allowing you to focus on relaxing your mind and body while your manual therapist assists your muscles to achieve normal soft-tissue extensibility. Integrating manual therapy with your workouts at Fitness Studio 108 can expedite correction in those muscle imbalances, improve joint range of motion, and to relieve muscle soreness and joint stress.

We are excited for the New Year as all of our programs will now include manual/massage therapy to continue to complete our comprehensive movement programs. Nutrition coaching, private corrective exercise sessions, fun group accountability sessions, health coaching and manual therapy/recovery sessions ALL IN ONE program at Fitness Studio 108.

Take care of yourself this holiday season. And if you need more help, we are always here for you!

author: Annie Malaythong


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