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New Year’s Resolution Time! Find out what “gyms” won’t tell you!

It’s that time again! New Year’s Resolution time. And most people’s list, the number one resolution goes to: “I want to lose weight.”  Every year it’s the same story.  Well those of you who follow my rare blogs (which I promise will do more often), let’s what I call “shine light” on what other GYMS won’t tell you.

# 1 In  2006 MSN came out with a study that the number one thing gyms won’t tell you is that within the first 90 days of “signing up” YOU WILL FAIL!

* Ask me why? Because you sign up and that’s it! You get a number..and access to the gym!  So what’s your plan buddy? Is there a clear plan? Do you have a complete understanding of your own abilities? What happens when you have an “off” day? Or who is holding you accountable? Or really, why do you feel after a few weeks you’ve been busting your.. @?!!? and you still haven’t lost weight or seen a difference? Hmmmm….I can take a guess..because it’s really about your processing fee and your monthly billing, banking on the fact that eventually you’ll fail! Why not invest in a program that teaches, educates, helps empower you to plan, stay motivated, structured and NOT FAIL?
I know why, because…you’ve tried a program before and you are still left in the same boat a year later? Well, let me help you with that too.  The other thing that gym’s won’t tell you

# 2 Some trainers don’t know what they’re doing.  If you work out at a gym, chances are you’ve been hit up by a “personal trainer” who sometimes may or may not look the part and try to see you his/her expertise.  They are there all day and they have “clients” they must know what they are doing? Um..Not necessarily. Trainers need no standard certification, it’s really up to the head of the gym or who the department head is.
Look for trainers with credentials from recognized institutions like the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) — preferably with some training in sports medicine or phys ed. Or even if they went to school for it.  A four degree is a lot more credible in my thoughts.  Also, interview your trainers or the program director.  Chances are, if you have a great program director your in great hands.  Feel free to google or research them.  This is an investment in your body and health.  We can’t trade our bodies in for another one. So why not get the best of the best? Word of mouth is even sketchy.  But even at that injury is NOT worth it. Once you’ve been are injured! I’ve seen way too many walk in these doors getting injured by “another” trainer at a big gym.  Shake my head on that!

# 3 Don’t touch anything- this place is crawling with bacteria

About 80% of all infectious disease is transmitted by both direct and indirect contact, says Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology at New York University Medical Center and the author of “The Secret Life of Germs.” That makes the gym, with its sweaty bodies in close proximity, a highly conducive environment for catching everything from athlete’s foot to the flu.

Hello? Can we say Germ-a-phobe! Take action yourself and wash your hands after your finished working out.  And on top of that, rub some anti-bacterial soap/gel all over your body.  And be courteous please, disinfecting wipes are all over the gym for a reason.  Wipe down machines after you use them please.  It’s just as much your germs and everyone else’s being spread!  We do our very best to steam clean, anti-bacterial all of our yoga mats, boxing bags, equipment and even medicine balls.  But you can do your part too! It’s just not worth being sick!

Well since I’ve completely freaked you out!  ha! Here’s to a great 2011!  Make sure you help spread the information. Please don’t keep this to yourself.  America is already increasingly getting bigger, unhealthier and down right lazy! By no fault of anyone.  But INFORMATION IS POWERFUL! Sometimes, people really just don’t know.  And that’s okay! So spread the knowledge! And if you like the blogs! Let me know! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or here! I’ll keep you posted on the others coming soon! Refer a friend, they’ll thank you forever =) Happy Holidays!

author: Annie Malaythong


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