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Nutrition vs Exercise- which is more important?


Nutrition vs Exercise

Which is More Important?

With all of these summer “diet” plans rising in popularity again, I thought it was important to address the topic of Nutrition vs Exercise and which is more important.  At Fitness Studio 108 we often come across new prospective members that are not interested in our nutrition component to our program and just “need” an exercise routine.  Please understand there are reasons why we provide all inclusive, comprehensive healthy lifestyle programs. You see, nutrition plans are not a one size fits all, nor are fitness programs.  You’ve heard it before, everyBODY is different.  And there is more truth to this today than ever.

Everybody has different body types, blood types, past injuries, current injuries, healthy history, medications, and lifestyles in general.  Depending on all of the above, determines what type of fitness and nutrition program you should follow.

That’s exactly why we take the steps necessary to find the right member for our community.  Because it’s not an easy task to change your entire lifestyle when you’ve had interim or short term success with certain “diets” and “fad fitness” programs.  We are looking for members to join the journey of living a healthy lifestyle, forever evolving and getting better.

Let’s talk Nutrition

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Your diet (daily eating) can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes etc), and promote your overall health. If you are looking to just lose weight on the scale and don’t care about “shaping” up, looking better naked, having amazing energy all the time and feeling strong for a lifetime- dieting is your answer.

Sure, you’ll feel great in the beginning (within the first 30-90 days) and then realize it’s really a hard “diet” to stick on for the rest of your life.  You keep telling yourself you’ll do this until you reach your goal and then start working on the fitness part of it.  And then when you start working out you’ll feel worse, because all of a sudden you start cravings and you’re hungry all the time.  (It’s actually a good sign).  But because you don’t have the professional help to increase calories strategically, you end up in the long run messing up your metabolism and gaining your weight back.  All to repeat the cycle over and over again year after year.

Keep reading…

Just like nutrition, exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like the diseases mentioned above and immediately improve your quality of life. If you’re interested in changing your body composition (losing body fat), toning up, increasing your strength and stamina, exercise is the way to go.  Losing inches and a major increase in energy is one of the major results of getting yourself involved in daily exercise.

Why are you hurting or not losing weight? Because mentioned above, all fitness programs are not a one size fits all.  For example, you haven’t worked out in a year or so, you decide to start running to “lose weight.”  Without proper alignment in your muscles and joint stabilization, you have now started the inflammation cycle in your body that can possibly lead into injury.  So your body decides to start protecting itself by collecting fluid to protect the joint.  Then causes you to stay “puffy” and not lose weight overtime which then results in a constant “fight’ response in your body that can lead to several issues.  And if you aren’t resting enough, sleep or taking proper time to stretch and work on mobility, you end up quitting your fitness program believing it’s not working.

There is A LOT more science to all of it, but we will keep it as simple as we can for now.

So Which is more important?

If you’ve read the first two sections, this section will all make sense.  In short, nutrition vs exercise and which is more important doesn’t exist.  They are equally important in living an optimally pain free, pill free, disease free, aesthetically pleasing healthy and fit lifestyle. It’s important to do your research on a professional team to help you get on the correct track.  If you can answer these questions, you will find that this is the correct program for you.

1.  Can you see yourself doing this type of nutrition program for a life time?

2.  Do you enjoy your fitness program and do you leave without injury?

3.  Can you see yourself doing both of these programs for a lifetime?

4.  Are you seeing results?

5.  Are you being true to yourself and discovering yourself through the process?

If you can answer these 5 questions with a yes- stick with you program!

At Fitness Studio 108, we have very specific answers we are looking for when allowing someone to sign up for our comprehensive programs. We put a ton of effort, research, time and care into each and every members programs to start building our members nutrition and fitness foundation.  We practice and preach a philosophy of healthy long term living by taking one’s entire health history, movement assessment, re-assessments, personality and current lifestyle to build a customized program.

Start building your foundation now or learn more by reaching out to us.  But…only “When You’re Ready.”  770 754 5999

In health,

Annie Malaythong

Owner of Fitness Studio 108

author: Annie Malaythong