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Summer Camp 2019- Weightlifting and Corrective Exercise for Athletes

Fitness Studio 108’s Summer Strength and Conditioning Program, led by USA Weightlifting Coach TJ Garretson is a fun, educational and positive environment for student athletes ranging from 14 to 17 years old driven to increase strength, mobility and to prevent injury on and off the field.

Our mission is to build a solid foundation of proper mechanics to get athletes stronger for their next season of sports and beyond. The foundation will be built upon proper squat mechanics, deadlift form, and core stability and power while properly progressing them to increase their maximum strength and explosiveness. This program will also emphasize conditioning, mobility, and corrective exercise to help the athlete perform as optimally as possible while correcting muscular imbalances.

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Camp is M-F from 1pm-3pm

Weeks 1 & 2

Weeks 1 & 2 will set the foundation and fundamentals for the program. Athletes will learn to properly squat and deadlift. They will also learn how to foam roll and increase their mobility.

Week 1 will focus on teaching proper squat mechanics. Phase 1 (see below)

Week 2 the primary focus will be to teach the athlete how to properly deadlift. Phase 1(see below)

**Along with proper squat and deadlift technique, the athletes will begin the first phase of training, Phase 1. During phase 1 there is an emphasis on stabilization training. This will include core stability and spinal stabilization. By building the athlete’s core stability it will allow them to handle heavier loads and will reduce the risk of injury. These weeks will start with the technical aspects of these lifts. As these 2 weeks progress and the athletes learn the lifts, they will begin lifting at heavier intensities and building their foundation to progress to the next phase.

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Weeks 3 & 4

Upon successfully finishing the stabilization phase, the athlete will progress to phase 2.

Week 3- Squat Mechanics and Integrating Squat Variations. Phase 2

Week 4- Deadlift Mechanics and Deadlift Variations. Phase 2

**Phase 2 is the strength endurance phase. After proper stabilization training, athletes will begin training for strength endurance. The techniques of the squat and deadlift will continue to be taught and reinforced. As stated earlier, strength endurance will be the primary focus. The goal of phase 2 is to increase overall strength through the foundational movements taught in weeks 1 and 2. These 2 weeks will prepare the athlete for the final phase by progressively increasing to heavier loads that they will lift. The athletes will start to build lean muscle and work towards developing maximum strength.

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Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5- Squat Speed and Power. Phase 5

Week 6- Deadlift Speed and Power. Phase 5

The final phase of training is known as the power phase, Phase 5. During this phase the athletes will begin to build explosiveness and power. This will help to prepare them for back to school when their respective sports begin. By developing these foundations through proper phasing, periodization, and programming they will have a better platform for their coaches when their training at school begins. The culmination of this phase will be to take their power to new levels in a structured manner that will ultimately give them an athletic edge on the field or court. By properly stabilizing them and going through this periodization and phasing, the athletes will be stronger, have better mechanics, be more optimally aligned, and have a reduced risk of injury from muscular imbalances. These athletes will have a better understanding and knowledge of the overall importance of alignment, mobility, and the techniques of the squat and deadlift. The end goal is that they take the knowledge they learn and develop into better, faster, and stronger athletes to dominate their sports.

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Camp will be held Mon-Fri 1pm-3pm.

June 3, 2019- July 12, 2019

Weekly camp fee’s are $110.00 per week.

Early Bird Registration: April 1- May 6, 2019 Reserve Your Spot and Week receive each week for $99

Regular Registration: May 7, 2019-June 3, 3019 Weekly $110.00

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