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Top 3 immediate solutions moms can take to balance fitness and life

The day I became a mom was not only one of the best days of my life but also the last day of living non-mom life. You remember the days right? The days where you got up, got dressed, walked out the door, did what you wanted without thinking about a little one or having them in tow. You know, the days you took vacation and didn’t have to worry about if you had a little shadow with you or at a babysitters. The girls nights, the date nights, the “I can wake up tomorrow and just think about me night” Yes you know what I’m talking about…those days.
As a mother/parent, there are no “off days.” The endless nights and days trying to keep up with life in general. Balancing work, what use to be work, your spouse, your kids, being a mom, school, homework, eating times, activities, house chores, oh and YOU! That’s right, we almost forgot YOU.
Yes, you forgot about you. It’s our motherly instinct. I get it. When do you have time to take care of you when the babies, the kids, the spouse, the household, the dogs, the cats and everything else in the world need to be taken care of besides you? I want to leave you with something, YOU CANNOT TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE, IF YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY OR TAKING CARE OF YOU.
I’ve been in the fitness industry for 16 years. And because my passion has landed me in a gym/studio setting coaching others most people think it means I get to work out all day. False. I get to take care of others all day and the find time to take care of me. So those of you who know me, yes my late night sometimes midnight workout sessions are not because I have to get a workout it for vanity reasons (although it helps), it to release the stress of the day and give me energy for the next day. You know the world mentioned above that us as mothers have to take care of. And guess what, I’m not the only one. The majority of our members at Fitness Studio 108 are people just like you; individuals that have a ton going on their lives and are working on balancing their health in the meantime. They are mothers, fathers, surgeons, doctors, teachers, business owners that take care of people and children all day and have to balance life as well. And yes, I’m included in that group, because I’m human. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a coach, a trainer, a business owner, a tv personality, an educator and national presenter. I’m sure I could add more and so can you. I write this with empathy. I note this to point out, when I say “I understand,” I definitely can understand a part of what you go through. Everyone’s struggle is different, but what makes us so similar is our commitment and support for each other to be better and healthier each day.
I would like to remind you. You have a community here that understands you. We may not know your whole story, but we look forward to learning about it and how we can best empower you to take time for yourself in your schedule. We need you. Your kids need you. This life needs you to be healthy and happy.
It may seem a little impossible at times, but understand there are only so many things we cannot control in life. Your health is one that you can take control of. When we discuss health, it’s not just your blood work. It’s your happiness within and how you feel on the outside. If you’re committed to just learning how 10 minutes of your day and mindful choices can help you become a better you. Reach out! You have a whole community here at Fitness Studio 108 ready to cheer you on your journey. I’ve also attached 3 major tips that can help you get started now.

1. Mindful eating- 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Eating balanced meals that include protein, fiber, healthy carbs and fats help keep you healthy, energized and stable moods. Quick healthy options can be mixed nuts, organic fruits and prepared small meals if you’re on the go.

2. Breathe- Take 60 seconds out of your day to focus on your breath. Every cell in your body constantly needs a new supply of oxygen so they can produce energy. Stress, anxiety, environmental toxins all add to cellular function being impaired and damaged. The more stressed, the more you need to take a moment to breathe. Breathing can also be a form of meditation. Adding a mantra of your own can help. Mine is “Breathe in the positivity, let go of the negative.” Repeat with each breath.

3. Exercise- Take ten minutes to move. Dance, yoga, walk or a few bodyweight exercises can start you on focusing on you. Make the ten minutes consistent on a daily basis and set short term goals. (i.e. 1 mile a day of walking/elliptical for 30 days.)

I’m cheering you on! Give yourself some time and you’ll realize your whole world around you will be happier and more productive. Here’s to you and your forever journey to fitness, health and happiness.

In health,

Annie Malaythong
Owner of Fitness Studio108

author: Annie Malaythong