Alex Niculaescu




Alex has always loved sports and athletics and as a child grew up wishing that someday he could be a ninja. Enough said.

Health is a big part of his life, as Alex just returned to Atlanta from California where he spent time studying and researching health and preventive measures of diseases at a lifestyle clinic and institute in California. Alex also had to opportunity to work at a health food company where he learned ways of creating many food staples from whole plant based resources as well as creating delicious plant based meals.

Alex is also a practitioner of parkour,  Muay Thai kick boxing, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and Wing Chun kung fu.  Alex has been travelling extensively for the past 8 years and doing non-profit and humanitarian work for NGO’s and anti-human trafficking work both locally and internationally for the past 6 years. He has a vast array of knowledge in multiple disciplines and experiences from all over the world that have shaped his training style and desire to help people holistically.

Health is one of his greatest passions and helping people break free of any and every constraint holding them back whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual.