Zen Parker





Zen possesses a strong background in martial arts and clinical experience as a Certified exercise physiologist under the American College of Sports Medicine and has obtained his bachelors degree in exercise science from Georgia State University. Furthering his skill set after graduation, Zen also graduated from Gwinnett college and has obtained his license as a neuromuscular therapist.

In his 18 years of martial arts experience, Zen trains and has trained in 12 different disciplines of combat arts. He is also a certified Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do instructor at the Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy where he has been a member of for 9 years.

If you’re looking for an all around #badass that genuinely cares to take his clients to the next level in a very methodical way, look no further.

Zen has worked in cardiac rehabilitation at Northside Hospital as an intern where he assessed new patients and developed individualized treatment plans. He also trained patients on proper execution of the exercise program with an emphasis on posture correction and balance for fall prevention for at risk patients. As well as monitored patient EKGs, blood pressure, and heart rate as well as provide ongoing moral and mental health support and encouragement to patients.

While working in a hospital setting, Zen learned that he would like to apply his experience and knowledge through a hands on approach and work on preventative side of the health industry rather than the reactive side.

He found Fitness Studio 108 to be the most effective approach and wanted to be in a positive environment that promotes growth, self responsibility and community. He also learned that he and his clients can thrive beyond imaginable when he has the freedom of creativity to approach each individuals needs in a methodical system. He encourages his member to evolve and like to keep each workout exciting and different. Which is a different approach in a traditional clinical setting.


ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

Bachelors of Science- Exercise Science Georgia State University

Licensed Massage Therapist – Gwinnett College

AED/CPR – American Heart Association

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan