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We have a serious problem. And it’s BIGGER than just the health of our nation.

For several years, I’ve clearly had a concern about the state of our nations health, in which is why I chose this profession. This Health and Wellness profession became a journey of living out my purpose. But today…TODAY…I am more concerned than ever before.

We have a serious problem. And it’s more than just the state of our health as a nation or individually. It’s a serious problem of commitment, follow through, action, undertaking, responsibility, truancy, non-appearance, absent-ism, need I say more? And’s not the just the millennials. In my recent data collection it’s from women and men from all ethnicity, age groups and generations. We have A SERIOUS problem with simply Doing what you say and saying what you do! So let’s explore why this is happening and the solutions to how this can help with us becoming a healthier nation. (P.S. I may upset people with my blog as some take it personal. This blog is not meant to be a personal attack on anyone, it is simply to raise awareness and express my opinion and tolerance on this issue.)

1. Lack of Value and Expectations– Here’s a massive one. If someone doesn’t understand the value of doing something they just won’t do it or they will stop. The classic example is one of my extreme weight loss clients on MTV. My client didn’t see any value in eating and working out on a scheduled regimen. He expected to lose of ton of weight, not learn how to eat or work out smart to lose those 100lbs we were attempting. So he was very frustrated with the experience. Now because it was a tv show, he put up with the training and eating and lost 100lbs (also because he had me watching over him all day). But in real life, people just walk away from the task or never start it. The other part of this one is expectations. By taking on a task, you have to have expectations around it. What do you want the outcome to be? If you aren’t clear on the outcome it makes it hard to pursue the task.

2. Priorities – A lot things happen in your life every day and knowing your priorities is very important. Realize if you don’t know the value and expectations of the task you are about to take on, it makes it hard to prioritize in your day.

3. Out of control with time – Have you heard someone you know actually say “I don’t have to time to eat?” Please take a pause and say that statement out loud. It’s a little ridiculous correct? What is so important that you can’t make the time to use the restroom, take a water break, eat, etc? If we don’t do these absolute necessities for our body, what in the world could be so much more important than making sure your heart doesn’t stop? When I work with people I always ask about their schedule. Reason being is that this is often the first excuse… “I didn’t have enough time”. And for that person — in that moment, that’s a fact. So it has to be addressed.

4. Stress – Stress is very real and often debilitating. And it is often caused by all of the above if not more. Stress is not only a distraction it can result in a depression and other paralyzing behavior that makes a person stop caring.


1.Make sure you set clear goals and objectives for each task you take on. Understand that there are other people are involved like your spouse, kids, co-workers and life team. Make sure they are CLEAR about your goals and your objectives and can repeat it back to you. For example: You’d like to get healthy. First answer what healthy is to you. What measurable goals you must achieve to get there. What you must do to get there.

2. Have a clear starting point and milestones. Getting started is the hardest part. Once you get started, set attainable milestones and celebrate them big or small.

3. Get clear on the value. Why is this so important to you and how does this help you in your entire life?

4. Set expectations… Not just for the task, but what you expect will come from this short and long term.

5.Get control of your time by making lists. Break down tasks on your list by categories and prioritize.

6. Take action. Write the list, follow through.

author: Annie Malaythong


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