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What your Orthopedic surgeon may not be telling you

We had to share the news! We had a successful event at Emory Johns Creek Hospital the other night and wanted to let you in on something. One of the top surgeons stopped by and asked to work with us. Why? Because he said 90% of his patients he sees has musculoskeletal discomfort and actually DON’T NEED SURGERY! They NEED a team and fitness program like ours. He convinced we are in it to change the game of fitness and HE IS CORRECT!

So we wanted to take a moment and give you a quick summary of what our corrective exercise is so you can fully understand what taking control of your fitness is. You see most people STOP their exercise program because of injury. You do understand that is NOT suppose to happen in fitness correct? Doesn’t matter the impact, it depends if you built your body up for that impact and if you ever had a corrective foundation.

Corrective Exercise: Muscular imbalances, postural issues, and aberrant movement patterns can—and often do—lead to discomfort, pain, and in the worst-case scenarios, injury. Research shows 75% of injury happens NON-CONTACT. Meaning no one has touched you. Boom, one day- it just goes out. Most muscular imbalances are caused by repetitive movements (i.e. former athletics, current athletics, your occupation – sitting at a desk, hairstylist, teachers, surgeons, etc).

Trained professionals like your team at Fitness Studio 108 are able to take you through movement assessments to determine muscles that are too tight and muscles that are not working properly. We then customize a fitness program designed to re-train your muscles to strengthen and lengthen in result of re-aligning you.

Re-alignment and training in alignment means better movement, no pain or discomfort, more calories burned efficiently, muscles getting stronger, body getting leaner and RESULTS long term.

Don’t be that person. You’re not hurting because you’re old. You’re hurting because you may not have EVER built your house on the right foundation. Check out our members 8 week results!!! Look at those shoulders!!! On the left you’ll see they are tilted and on the right..they have started to straighten out. When we first met with her, she had been standing like this for at least two year with lots of pain. Strengthening her core, stabilizing her joints and her custom program now has her traveling and playing her sport with WAY more power, agility and strength.

If you know anyone who experiences discomfort in their ankles, knees, hips, low back, shoulders or neck, have them give us a call! 770 754 5999. Do your friends, family and co-workers a favor. And I promise you they’ll be way happier too!

author: Annie Malaythong