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Why you should be using a cool mist humidifier when it’s cold outside.

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We’ve had quite a few members come in with headaches, exhaustion and nasal congestion and I thought I’d share with you why you should be using a cold mist humidifier.  When the air you breathe is too dry as a result from having your heater on in your home during the winter,  your nose and sinuses get congested. Congestion can lead to sinus pain or headaches.  Experts agree that adding humidity to the air helps lead to significant improvement to overall health especially if you regularly suffer from congestion, allergies and sinusitis.

Are you experiencing nosebleeds, a sore throat, or dry skin?  These are several other reasons why you should be using a cool mist humidifier.  Adding moisture in your air at this time is crucial to staying healthy.  The moisture from a humidifier keeps your nose, throat and skin from drying out.  Many people including myself have found that cool mist humidifiers makes a huge difference.

Make sure to try to use distilled water as much as you can and keep your humidifiers clean to prevent mold and other harmful bacteria.

Make sure to change your filters often in you cool mist humidifiers and keep one in the kids room and one for yourself!

author: Annie Malaythong


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